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Azolol is an oral anabolic steroid for gaining quality lean muscle. Manufactured by the British Dispensary laboratory, Azolol is a very effective steroid in cutting cycles.



  • Manufactured by British Dispensary
  • Substance:  STANOZOLOL
  • 5mg/tablet
  • box of 400 tablets of 5mg


Azolol is an oral anabolic steroid tablet for lean/mass cycles for bodybuilding.

It is a premium steroid consisting of 5mg/tablet of Stanozolol manufactured by British Dispensary. We call oral Winstrol all the products in tablets containing Stanozolol. The tablets are rectangular and yellow in color, one box contains 400 tablets. This product also exists in a 5mg version of the LA Pharma brand. See under Oral Winstrol.

Doping with Azolol makes it possible to acquire quality muscle with a pronounced dry effect. It is a quality anabolic to buy to gain lasting muscle mass and also to dry fat. It was with this product that Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 during the 100 meter athletics event: stanozolol doping .

The substance that contains Azolol has a moderate anabolic effect but which offers very good results over the long term, particularly in terms of the retention of gains. Indeed, stanozolol is not the most powerful anabolic steroid for mass gain but it is very useful at the end of the cycle when used with other androgenic substances such as testosterone. In cutting cycles, stanozolol helps to dry fat well  and gives a striated look to the muscle, which is highly sought after by bodybuilders before competitions.

Azolol does not have many side effects as it does not convert to estrogen and does not cause water retention or gynecomastia. Therefore there is no need to use an anti-estrogen product with it. Thanks to these interesting anabolic properties and its ability to dry out muscle, Azolol has become popular among bodybuilders as an effective supplement for a cutting cycle before a competition. No risk of gynecomastia with this product because it does not aromatize into estrogens.

Azolol tablets are taken twice daily, morning and evening, after meals, for up to 5 weeks due to liver toxicity. It is recommended to take liver protection such as Legalon or Samarin to avoid problems and sequelae on the liver.

Stanozolol is one of the best steroids aimed at quality mass gain and cutting. This product can be used with stronger oral or injectable steroids such as Dianabol or Testosterone for greater mass gain.

Bodybuilders usually use Stanozolol dosages ranging from 40mg to 50mg per day.

The use of Azolol in excessive dosages can be diverted and used for drug purposes. Excesses and misuse are dangerous.

Adequate use, see framed by the recommendations of professionals allows on the contrary to increase muscle mass, strength and performance, see endurance.


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