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Follistatin 315[i] is a compound made of both sugar and protein molecules – a glycoprotein. According to studies, follistatin 315 peptide is primarily produced in the liver, but it can be found in nearly all body tissues.

Follistatin 315 is involved in muscle growth, fertility, and inflammation, as tests in animals showed. It also plays a key role in promoting cell growth. However, there are different forms of follistatin which each work differently. For instance, FS 315 is its own type and comes with its own set of benefits.

The body actually makes follistatin naturally.

Here’s everything you should know about follistatin 315.

What is Follistatin 315?

Follistatin 315 definition: the primary form of follistatin found in the bloodstream that targets muscle tissue.

The follistatin 315 peptide hormone has been shown to be the best form of the protein, due to its effects on muscle tissue.

While it is not currently allowed to be sold for consumption, the health benefits of follistatin 315 look interesting, as tests showed. From what researchers have discovered, this protein offers a number of advantages to the mice body including muscle mass growth, bone growth, fertility, and even cancer prevention.

Follistatin 315 Functions

Follistatin 315 blocks the action of numerous hormones and proteins such as:

  • Activins – involved in metabolism, endocrine homeostasis, bone growth, neurogenesis, and cancer development in animals.
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) – plays a primary role in the development of eggs and sperm.
  • Myostatin – inhibits muscle growth.

Benefits of Follistatin 315

Follistatin 315 effects[ii] include muscle expansion, fat loss, fertility, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the effects of follistatin 315.

Follistatin 315 Muscle Growth Effects

In a 2014 study[iii], mice got either follistatin 315 or placebo for eight weeks. The research shows that follistatin 315 suppressed myostatin by 44 percent – tripling muscle growth.

Another study discovered that injecting mice with epicatechin, a compound that increases follistatin 315, boosted mice’s strength after just one week.

Generally speaking, there aren’t many mice studies of follistatin 315 because it’s a relatively new compound. However, there is a great deal of animal research. For instance, a scientific study showed that giving rodents follistatin 315 increased their muscle gain and lowered their fat levels. The peptide has also been shown to boost muscle growth and strength in monkeys.

Follistatin 315 prevents muscle loss too.

According to a study of 6 male mice with Becker muscular dystrophy[iv], follistatin 315 injections increased muscle strength and lead to improvements in the mice’ symptoms without any negative side effects.

Boosting follistatin 315 levels has also been treated for an age-related muscle-wasting disease called Sarcopenia. In aging mice, daily follistatin 315 peptide injections resulted in overall increased muscle strength. The same treatment was applied to 6 mice subjects, which led to increased hand grip strength in just seven days.

Follistatin 315 Hair Growth Effects

Follistatin 315 baldness treatment has been confirmed as effective by researchers.

A trial on 26 mice with male-pattern baldness[v] showed how a single injection of follistatin 315 increased the number of hairs on the head, as well as their hair’s thickness. These effects lasted up to a year with only one follistatin 315 hair loss treatment.

It is clear from clinic studies that follistatin 315 peptide helps significantly with male hair loss. Most interesting is that it works so efficiently from only one single injection and does not need to be re-administered through the year.

Nevertheless, more robust trials are needed to provide more sufficient evidence that follistatin 315 hormone peptide helps with male-pattern baldness.

Follistatin 315 Weight Loss Effects

Unfortunately, there is limited evidence on follistatin 315 and fat burning. Still, two studies have found that giving mice the peptides enables them to burn more fat and shrinks their fat cells.

According to the research, even when mice were given a high calorie diet aimed at making them fatter, the follistatin 315 fat loss treatment still worked at helping them burn fat.

Follistatin 315 Fertility Effects

Follistatin 315 plays a viral role in reproductive health. Numerous findings indicate that this protein can boost fertility in animals.

According to a study of 7 mice[vi], increased follistatin 315 levels during the third trimester of pregnancy were associated with an overall healthy child delivery. Follistatin 315 also blocks the activity of activins – involved in numerous aspects of reproductive health.

In male mice, seminal fluid is rich in follistatin 315. However, the levels of it have not yet been linked to sperm count. In females, follistatin 315 promotes follicilogenesis, the process of releasing eggs from the ovaries during ovulation.

Follistatin 315 levels tend to drop during menopause but can be elevated using follistatin 315 supplementation, as recent studies showed.

Follistatin 315 Arthritis Effects

According to research done on mice with arthritis, Follistatin 315 has been shown to significantly reduce joint inflammation and cartilage degeneration. As of now, the research is still at the animal and cell stage, so there is no such evidence yet that this peptide would have the same effects in mices.

However, research shows that follistatin 315 could be a potential anti-inflammatory drug once more clinical trials have been carried out.

Follistatin 315 Cancer Effects

Recent scientific research also suggests that follistatin 315 may play a role in inhibiting cancer growth.

So far, follistatin has been found to play a major beneficial role in different types of cancer, including:

  • Lung cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer

On the other hand, follistatin 315 may play a negative role in other cancer types, such as:

  • Stomach cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Esophagus cancer
  • Prostate cancer

Follistatin 315 beneficial effects on cancer is still being studied. But there is hope.

A study analyzing samples of breast cancer tissue discovered that higher levels of the protein were found in survivors. This indicates that follistatin-315 could play a protective role in breast cancer.

In other cell studies, it was found to reduce the survival rate of breast cancer cells while simultaneously preventing the spread of cancerous cells.

How to Increase Follistatin 315 Naturally

Boosting follistatin 315 naturally can be done with a few simple strategies. For instance, you may not be aware that certain foods contain follistatin 315. So by consuming them, you are increasing your own levels of the protein.

Here are some foods with follistatin 315:

  • Soy milk
  • Dark chocolate
  • Blackberries
  • Cocoa powder
  • Soybeans
  • Miso
  • Egg yolks
  • Green tea
  • Raspberries

Exercise and Follistatin 315

Working out is another natural way to boost follistatin 315 in the body.

According to a study of 14 post-menopausal mice, exercise focused on muscle strengthening increased body levels of follistatin 315. However, the effect lasted less than 24 hours.

Another study in healthy rats found that several types of exercise affected follistatin 315 levels during a fasting period.

Follistatin 315 Side Effects

Follistatin 315 peptide is considered safe. However, due to its limited research studies, it is not currently legally sold for consumption. Potential side effects of follistatin 315 include:

  • Muscle soreness or swelling following a workout
  • Temporarily weakened tendons and ligaments
  • Temporary pain in the muscles

As shown in tests.

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