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Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)
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Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) is a strong oral steroid that shows a pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect. Currently, Halotestin is used mainly for sports purposes. Athletes of power sports, in track and field athletics and other popular disciplines today use it mainly to achieve an increase in strength characteristics, increase muscle density and aggression without increasing the total body weight, in order not to increase their weight category.

Effects of Halotestin

It is important to note what effects Halotestin tablets can have when used correctly. In general, Halotestin has the following effects:

  • Rapid increase in strength indicators;
  • Stimulating aggression;
  • Stimulating the production of erythropoietin;
  • Increase in haemoglobin synthesis;
  • Increase in muscle density;
  • Increase in muscle venosity;
  • Fat-burning effect.

The steroid Fluoxymesterone in theory can be used for fat burning, but as the reviews of athletes who have taken it show, there are also safer or more effective steroids to achieve this goal. For reference: the fat-burning effect of Halotestin is mainly due to its ability to enhance the oxidation of fatty acids that occurs in fast muscle fibers.

It is also assumed that Halotestin can improve the aerobic indicators of athletes by its action. This improvement is associated primarily with the stimulation of erythropoiesis, one of the varieties of the blood formation process.

Due to the specifics of the action, this androgenic steroid is popular mainly in such disciplines as: athletics, boxing and in general martial arts, hockey, power and some other sports. The use in bodybuilding is controversial, as the drug does not lead to a pronounced muscle mass gain (there are safer and more effective steroid means to choose from for this task).

How to take Halotestin

The course of Fluoxymesterone for sports purposes usually lasts 2-4 or up to 6 weeks. The dosage of Halotestin, usually used by athletes, varies from 10mg to 20mg per day, the frequency of use during the course is on a daily basis. This frequency of administration is associated with a short period of drug activity, that is about 5-10 hours.

It is important to add that a cycle of Halotestin can be conducted with other AAS. The drug can be combined with other steroids to get optimal results. To increase strength and fat burning, for example, you can use a combination with Stanozolol and Testosterone Propionate. If you want to use Halotestin in a stack to gain muscle mass, then you should pay attention to a combination with Nandrolone or long-acting testosterone ester.

Side effects

Taking Fluoxymesterone in sports is recommended exclusively for men. Women are strongly advised not to take this drug because of pronounced androgenicity, due to which virilization is likely to manifest. This may be the development of male characteristics, hoarsening of the voice, or, for example, hair loss of the face and body.

For men, while taking this drug, there is also a risk of strong androgenic side effects, such as oily skin, acne or even disorders of spermatogenesis. Most likely a decrease in natural testosterone.


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